The Founders Story

Hiking in the mornings and swimming in the Caribbean Sea makes me excited. It makes me feel rejuvenated and GRATEFUL to be alive. I can’t explain it, but I love the OUTDOORS.

I am Jahrod

Come with me as I share my passion and love for Saint Lucia with you.

I am Jahrod John Alcindor, Founder of Eco Adventures St Lucia Tours & Taxi.I want to share with you my story of how this Business began.

When I was 12 years old my life changed forever… My mother worked in the resort town of Soufriere. She was poor, had no supervision for my brothers, sister and I and was determined that I would not get to join the bad company as she did at the age of seventeen. To ensure this, she would take me to the resorts where she worked and hid me in the staff bedroom.

One day I sneaked away, went down to the beach and started playing in the sea. A Canadian couple saw me and started talking to me about my beautiful island .

I was so excited… I told them about the unique things they could do and the amazing places they could go. They too were excited to show me off to the cook. We went upstairs and when my mother saw me she nearly fainted. She thought she had lost her job and she apologized over and over saying ‘I am so sorry, so sorry for bringing my son here.’ This was my first experience in sharing my passion for Saint Lucia with tourist.

Today my passion is now my work and I am waiting to show you the unique and hidden places I love.

A unique eco experience

Why We Are Different

Experience ‘Real’ Saint Lucia

Looking for one of the most popular adventures? Swim and eat ‘Fish and Festival’ cooked in huts right on the beach.

Meet ‘Like- minded ‘traveler’s

You’ll be travelling in groups or privately so here’s your chance to meet other like-minded travelers who share your love of adventure.

Have Fun – Fun – Fun

Remember when you were a kid and felt free to roam, laugh jump and be free? Do it again and have fun – fun – fun.

Designed to suit you

Special Services

Our tours and Taxi services are designed for the budget traveler so if you are traveling as an individual, group, or need a custom – designed package, we can cover your trip every step of the way.

If you are traveling on a budget but want to do more, we can work with your small group. If you are an individual, we can find a group for you to join.

Customized Packages

Our Expert marketing staff will work with you to custom – design an experience for your dates, location, and interest.

Off The Beaten Track

Each day you’ll have the chance to know the ‘heart and soul’ of the this beautiful island, discovered by the Indigenous people.


Looking for a For a safe, comfortable and unique budget vacation accommodation? We’ll find the perfect match for you.

Other Services

We want to cover your other travel needs so we offer to design excursion packages , provide experience Tour Guide service.